Finding Balance



I found yoga in 2002 after the birth of my daughters. My usual high-impact, adrenaline-fueled exercise routines weren’t an option while recovering from giving birth to twins. I dropped in at a Vinyasa yoga class on the recommendation of a good friend of mine, who understood me well enough to see that yoga would appeal to me, even when I couldn’t see that myself.

Now, ten years later, yoga is an integral part of my life. Through teaching and practicing this beautiful medium, I’ve come to understand art in motion. I’ve found the energy inherent in stillness and the peace and focus to be gained through silent motion.

Balance is a concept that permeates yoga. Yoga itself is a balance of the spirit and the body. It is a balance of breath and exertion. When practicing, you’re balancing forces both internally and externally in assuming the poses. You’re finding mental balance when you step onto your mat and leave behind the exterior world to focus simply on the challenge of each pose in that moment, on that day. And you’re ever seeking ways to bring that balance into other areas of your life.

I am constantly trying to balance my love of writing with my own importance to my children and family, with my day job, and with the myriad demands clamoring for my attention. I think we all struggle with these issues. We’re all seeking that equilibrium, somehow sensing that there is peace to be had in gaining it.

In this way has my yoga practice influenced A Pattern of Shadow and Light. Balance is a pivotal concept in the series. Being that it’s a fantastical setting, Alorin’s type of Balance is a potent force, while in our real-world lives it takes a passive role. Yet seeking balance is just as important for us as it is for the First Lord and those courageous enough to play his game.

For those of you also upon this path, a blessing upon your quest.



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