Dramatis Personae

The below list comprises characters from the five books of A Pattern of Shadow and Light. Warning: It will contain spoilers for those still reading the series up through Kingdom Blades.


There are currently 6 names in this directory beginning with the letter V.
A zanthyr

Valentina van Gelderan
An Adept Truthreader; Empress of Agasan and mother of Nadia

Viernan hal’Jaitar
Radov’s wielder

A Caladrian Nodefinder and wielder; one of The High Lord’s men

Vitriam o’Reith
truthreader to The King

A Warlock currently in Alorin

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The Five Vestals

Alshiba Torinin—the First Vestal, an Adept Healer and the Alorin Seat

Dagmar Ranneskjöld—the Second Vestal, an Espial

Seth nach Davvies—the Third Vestal, an avieth of the Wildling races

Raine D’Lacourte—the Fourth Vestal, a truthreader and raedan

Björn van Gelderan—the Fifth Vestal, branded a traitor

Björn’s Inner Circle

Isabel van Gelderan—sister of Björn; High Mage of the Citadel and Epiphany’s Prophet

Cristien Tagliaferro—a truthreader

Anglar Tempest—(deceased) a Nodefinder (revived as a Shade)

Dunglei ap’Turic—(deceased) a Nodefinder

Parsifal D’Marre—(deceased) a Nodefinder

Arion Tavestra—(deceased) a fifth strand Adept, one of Björn’s three generals

Markal Morrelaine—a na’turna wielder, one of Björn’s three generals

Ramuhárikhamáth—a drachwyr, one of Björn’s three generals

Malachai ap’Kalien—(deceased) a fifth strand Adept

Damen—the Lord of Shades

Reyd—a Shade

At the First Lord’s Sa’reyth

Vaile—a zanthyr

Leyd—a zanthyr

Loghain—a Tyriolicci (of the Wildling races, called Whisper Lord by the races of men)

Balaji, Ramu, Naiir, Jaya, Rhakar and Mithaiya (see The Drachwyr below)

The Drachwyr

Dhabu’balaji’sridanai´  (Da-boo balah gee shree da nye) called Balaji, whose name means He Who Walks The Edge Of The World

Srivas’rhakarakek  (Shreevas rah kara keck) called Rhakar, whose name means The Shadow Of The Light

Jayachandranaptra (Jai ah shandra naptra) called Jaya, whose name means Rival Of The Sun

Ramuharikhamath (Rah moo hareek amath) called Ramu, whose name means Lord of the Heavens

Amithaiya’geshwen (Am myth aya gesh win) called Mithaiya, whose name means The Bosom of God’s Nectar

Naeb’nabdurin’naiir (Ni eb nabdoor en ny ear) called Na´iir, whose name means Chaser Of The Dawn

In T’khendar

Bjorn van Gelderan—The Fifth Vestal and First Lord

Isabel van Gelderan—sister to Bjorn, High Mage of the Citadel and Epiphany’s Prophet; bound to Arion Tavestra

Dagmar Ranneskjöld—The Second Vestal; since the Adept Wars he is sworn to Bjorn’s cause

Franco Rohre—An Adept Nodefinder and one of the Fifty Companions; now sworn to Bjorn’s cause

Raine D’Lacourte—The Fourth Vestal, now sworn to Bjorn’s cause

Cristien Tagliaferro—An Adept truthreader; member of Bjorn’s Council of Nine

Arion Tavestra—(deceased) A fifth strand Adept, best friend to Bjorn and one of his three Generals in the Adept Wars; bound to Isabel van Gelderan

Anglar Tempest—An Adept Nodefinder; member of Bjorn’s Council of Nine (now a Shade)

Gadovan Mandoril—An Adept Nodefinder from the realm of Eltanin, captain of Illume Belliel’s Paladin Knights; now sworn to Bjorn’s cause

Matthias Kline—An Adept Nodefinder and Paladin Knight from the realm of Eltanin, cousin to Gadovan; now sworn to Bjorn’s cause

Jude—An Adept Nodefinder and Paladin Knight from the realm of Eltanin, cousin to Gadovan; now sworn to Bjorn’s cause

Markal Morrelaine—A na’turna wielder, maestro of the Sormitage and member of Bjorn’s Council of Nine

Julian—A fifth strand Adept training under Markal Morrelaine

Members of the Royal Family of Dannym

Gydryn val Lorian—King of Dannym

Errodan Renwyr n’Owain val Lorian—Queen of Dannym

Ysolde Remalkhen—the Queen’s Companion; a Fire Princess from Avatar

Ean val Lorian—Prince of Dannym, the youngest son and heir

Trell val Lorian—Prince of Dannym; the Queen’s treasured middle son (lost at sea)

Sebastian val Lorian—Prince of Dannym, first-born son (a victim of assassination)

Creighton Khelspath—ward of Gydryn, blood-brother to Ean

Ryan val Lorian—brother to Gydryn, posted as Dannym’s Ambassador to Agasan

Fynnlar val Lorian—son of Ryan, a prince of Dannym

Brody the Bull—Fynnlar’s bodyguard

In the King’s Cabinet & Guard

Morin d’Hain—Spymaster

Donnal val Amrein—Minister of the Interior

Mandor val Kess—Minister of Culture

Vitriam o’Reith—truthreader to the King

Kjieran van Stone—truthreader to the King (assigned as a spy in the Prophet Bethamin’s temple in Tambarre)

Rhys val Kincaide—Lord Captain of the King’s Own Guard

Bastian val Renly—a lieutenant of the King’s Own Guard

Jasper val Renly—a captain in the King’s army in M’Nador, elder brother of Bastian

Cayal—a soldier of the King’s Own Guard

Dorin—a soldier of the King’s Own Guard

Of the Peerage of Dannym & Their Households

Melisande d’Giverny—mother to Alyneri (deceased)

Prince Jair Haxamanis—Prince of Kandori, father of Alyneri (deceased)

Alyneri d’Giverny—Duchess of Aracine, an Adept Healer

Tanis—an Adept truthreader, Melisande’s ward

Farshideh—a Kandori midwife, Seneschal of Fersthaven (deceased)

Gareth val Mallonwey—Duke of Towermount and General of the West

Tad val Mallonwey—Heir to Towermount

Gideon val Mallonwey—Captain in the King’s army in M’Nador

Katerine val Mallonwey—daughter of Gareth, engaged to Creighton Khelspath

Lisandre val Mallonwey—daughter of Gareth

Ianthe d’Jesune val Rothschen—Marchioness of Wynne

Colin val Rothschen—Marquess of Wynne

Stefan val Tryst—Duke of Morwyk

Eugenia val Tryst—Wife of Stefan

Darryn val Tryst—Son of Stefan

Loran val Whitney—Duke of Marion and General of the East

Killian val Whitney—Heir to Marion

Anke van den Berg—Ambassador of Agasan

Wilamina—Dowager Countess of Astor

The Contessa di Remy—wife of the Agasi Ambassador’s Aide

The Royal Family of Kandori

Dareios Haxamanis—An Adept truthreader; heir to the Kandori Fortune; uncle to Alyneri

Prince Jair Haxamanis—(deceased) Brother of Dareios, father of Alyneri

Ehsan Haxamanis—An Adept Healer; sister of Dareios

Bahman Haxamanis—An Adept Nodefinder; cousin to Dareios

Nahveed Haxamanis—An Adept Nodefinder; Dareios’ brother-by-marriage

Nîga Haxamanis—An Adept Healer; mother of Dareios

On Ean’s Travels in Cephrael’s Hand

Phaedor—a zanthyr

Thane val Torlen—Duke of Stradtford

Lord Brantley—Earl of Pent

Comte d’Ornay—a Count of Veneisea

Claire—Comtesse d’Ornay, a Countess of Veneisea

Sandrine du Préc—an Adept Healer in the service of Queen Indora of Veneisea

Alain—an Adept Truthreader, nephew of the Comte d’Ornay

Matthieu—an officer in the Comte d’Ornay’s household guard

On Trell’s Travels in Cephrael’s Hand

Ware—an Agasi expatriate, one of the Converted

Istalar—a holy man

Fhionna—a Wildling

Aishlinn—Fhionna’s sister

Lily—a girl of M’Nador

Korin—Lily’s betrothed

Sayid—a Khurd guard

Kamil—a Khurd guard

Radiq—a Khurd guard

Ammar—a Khurd guard

Krystos—an Agasi nobleman, owner of the Inn of the Four Faces in Sakkalaah 

Carian vran Lea—a pirate of Jamaii, an Adept Nodefinder

Sister Marie-Clarisse—a Sister of Chastity of Veneisea

Sister Marguerite—a Sister of Chastity of Veneisea

Jean-Pierre Marçon—Lord Commander of the Tivaricum Guard of Veneisea

Kardashian—a thief 

Yara—an old Kandori woman

Trell’s men (in Kingdom Blades & The Sixth Strand)

Loukas n’Abraxis—One of the Emir’s Converted; an Avataren combat engineer and old friend of Trell’s from his days at the River Cry

Raegus n’Harnalt—Commander of the Emir’s Converted; originally from Avatar 

Rolan Lamodaar—One of the Emir’s Converted; a disenfranchised prince of M’Nador

Tannour Valeri—of the Emir’s Converted; an airwalker from Vest 

Gideon val Mallonwey—a captain in the Dannish army, rescued from Khor Taran

Lazaar hal’Hamaadi—a Nadori soldier, al-Amir of Khor Taran

Nyongo Kutaata—one of the Emir’s Converted; originally from Shi’ma 

The Warring Princes & Their Allies

Emir Zafir bin Safwan al Abdul-Basir—Akkadian Emir, Unifier of the Seventeen Tribes

Rajiid bin Yemen al Basreh—Prime Minister of the Akkad

Radov abin Hadorin, Ruling Prince of M’Nador

Viernan hal’Jaitar, Radov’s wielder

Raliax, a Saldarian mercenary

The Prophet Bethamin, reportedly of Myacene

Dore Madden, an Adept Nodefinder and wielder from the Fifth Age, currently in the service of the Prophet Bethamin.

Isak Getirmek, a wielder bound to Dore Madden

In Agasan

Valentina van Gelderan—An Adept truthreader; Empress of Agasan and mother of Nadia

Marius di L’Arlese —An Adept Nodefinder and wielder; High Lord of Agasan, Consort to the Empress and father of Nadia

Nadia van Gelderan—An Adept truthreader; Heir to the Empire of Agasan and daughter of Valentina and Marius

Lieutenant di Corvi—leader of Nadia’s personal Praetorian Guard

Liam van Gheller—An Adept truthreader; Endoge of the Sormitage

Vincenze—A Caladrian Nodefinder and wielder; one of the High Lord’s men

Giancarlo—A Caladrian truthreader; one of the High Lord’s men

Felix di Sarcova della Buonara—A Nodefinder student at the Sormitage

Malin van Drexel—A Nodefinder student at the Sormitage, roommate of Felix (currently missing)

Monseraut Greaves—A Maestro at the Sormitage; the Royal Historian

Francesca da Mosta—Commander of the Imperial Adeptus

Isahl N’abranaacht—a Literato at the Sormitage who takes an interest in Tanis


The Malorin’athgul

Darshanvenkhatraman (Dar shan – vin kaht ra man) called Darshan, whose name means Destroyer of Hope

Pelasommayurek (Pelas o-my yur eck) called Pelas, whose name means Ender of Paths

Rinokhalpesumar (Rin och – cal pesh oo mar) called Rinokh, whose name means The Mountain That Flames

Shailabhanachtran (Shale – ah ba noc tran) called Shail, whose name means Maker of Storms, posing as the Lord Abanachtran

The Zanthyrs

Phaedor—a zanthyr who we first meet in Cephrael’s Hand 

Vaile—a female zanthyr who we first meet in Cephrael’s Hand

Leyd—a zanthyr who we first meet in Cephrael’s Hand

Czavo—a zanthyr who we first introduce in The Sixth Strand 

Sabrian—a zanthyr who we first introduce in The Sixth Strand 

The Warlocks of Shadow

Sinárr—a Warlock

Rafael—a Warlock

Baelfeir—a Warlock; also called Belloth the Demon Lord

Vleydis—a Warlock currently in Alorin

Merethe—an Avieth bound to Sinárr

The Seventeen Gods of the Akkad

Jai’Gar—the Prime God

Azerjaiman—the Wind God

Sons of the wind god—North son, Shamal; South son, Asfal; East son, Sherq

Daughter of the wind god—West daughter, Qharp

Shamash—God of Travelers and the Poor

Inanna—Goddess of War

Naiadithine—Goddess of Water

Enlil—God of Earth and Agriculture

Inithiya—Goddess of Restoration (Spirit)

Angharad—Goddess of Fortune (Fate)

Thalma—Goddess of Luck (Virtue)

Huhktu—God of Bones

Baharan/Baharani—The two-headed God of Blood/Goddess of Birth

Ha’viv—the Trickster God, patron of thieves

The Fifty Companions (those known to be living)

Pavran Ahlamby—a truthreader

Usil al’Haba—a Nodefinder

Elien ap’Gentrys—an Adept wielder

Gannon Bair—a truthreader

Karienna D’Artenis—an Adept Healer

Laira di Giancora—an Adept Healer

Mian Gartelt—an Adept Healer

Viernan hal’Jaitar—an Adept Nodefinder and wielder

Socotra Isio—a Malchiarri Wildling 

Ledio Jerouen—a Tyriolicci Wildling (Whisper Lord)

Dore Madden—an Adept Nodefinder and wielder

Mazur of Elvior—an Avieth of Elvior

Franco Rohre—a Nodefinder

Delanthine Tanner—an Adept Healer and wielder

Thessaly Vahn—An Adept Healer

Devangshu Vita—a Nodefinder

Niko van Amstel—a Nodefinder

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