Dhábu’balaji’şrid_@!! wtf???

While I know many of you are enjoying my series on Audible (which is read by the extremely talented Nick Podehl, who does an incredible job of pronouncing the many incomprehensible names I’ve constructed for my characters) it’s been brought to my attention that some readers don’t listen to the audiobooks and might be having a hard time with some of the names.

While I maintain that however you hear the name in your head is the correct way to say it, I’ve been told that you might want to know how I hear it in my head. Thus prompted out of my reclusive writer’s den into the painfully introverting light of an iphone camera, I prepared this short video for you, dear readers, as to how I pronounce the drachwyr and Malorin’athgul names.

If there are any other names you’d like to hear or anything else you’d like me to talk about, let me know in the comments. I might be encouraged to timidly venture forth again.

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